What’s a Slumber Stache?

The Slumber Stache is a uniquely designed alternative to traditional neck pillows which leave you with a cranked neck and a restless flight. With the Slumber Stache, the head is supported by high density foam wrapped in a soft and cozy micro-fleece. 

The core support is ergonomically shaped to prevent bobbing heads and is made from an EVA foam (which is used in the soles of tennis shoes for support). Each component has been carefully selected to provide comfort and durability. Traditional U-shaped travel pillow offer the support of a flip flop; get the support you need, only in the Slumber Stache.

The convenient roll-up functionality allows for discreet storage in your bag or purse. It’s low profile while being worn allows the Slumber Stache to be tucked under a hoodie or jacket. Lean to the left, right, or even to the front and you will still have the support needed.

Custom D-rings and a two part design allow the product to be easily fitted for comfort around most neck sizes. Clip it to the outside of your bag when you are rested and on your way! With a travel pillow that works so well, you’ll no longer fear red eye flights or trips to exotic destinations around the world.

Slumber Stache on Airplane

Finally get a good flight’s sleep with Slumber Stache!

Slumber Stache Real Head Support

No inflation necessary, no gimmicks; just real support.

Slumber Stache Comfortable Middle Seat

Get comfortable in an economy class middle seat.

Works great on trains, buses, and road trips.

the Slumber Stache is available now

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